Connect & Learn: RIE-based Playgroups for Babies (8 wks – 2.5 years)

Join Raquel Tara, early childhood specialist, for weekly observational play centred classes. Witness your baby’s development, ask questions, and connect with like-minded parents. Rooted in the RIE philosophy, these classes offer insights into your baby’s world, expert guidance, and a supportive community (the same group stay and grows together until 2.5 years).

On Friday mornings is babies on the move, and Saturday is for the younger babies. 

RIE Parent-Infant Guidance Class Details

• Meet once a week

• 1.5-hour class

• Up to 6 parents with their infant or toddler

• Facilitated by an early childhood specialist – trained in Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach

• Focus is on observing our babies in self-directed movement and play

• Peer to peer connection and dialogue as well as advice from an experienced mothercraft nanny. 

Reach out with your questions. 🙂

Ballina Classes are run upstairs at Ballina Crossfit 14 Endeavour Place, Ballina NSW 2478. Both parents are to welcome to attend with their baby.

From January 6 2024


MOVING: 11.30-13.00 (shuffling, rolling, bridging, planking)


NEWBORN CLASS 9.30 -11.00 Saturday (Ages 4 – 12 -ish weeks)

RIE class Southern Gold Coast Classes 40 Machinery Drive,Tweed Heads South.

No classes running at present.  

Apart from newborn & toddler classes, descriptions above are a guide, and babies do not have to fit perfectly into the ages. Some babies aren’t moving a lot and some are at different ages. And that is perfectly fine as they all tend to catch up on their own timeline.

Email Or Text Raquel with your baby’s age and mobility level to find out which class will best suit your family.

+61 493 591 326


Newborn, Pre-Mobile, & Moving Infant classes are for learning about RIE, and the classes continue on together into Toddler classes over time.

Rather than grouping the infants by age, we group by similar mobility levels. Grouping by mobility is intended to be inclusive of different developmental timelines. We schedule classes in eight week terms to allow the children to gain trust and familiarity with the space. Most families might miss a session or two because things come up, but the length of time usually makes it so that there is still a good deal of consistency. Classes are ongoing until your child turns three or it’s decided they are ready for a different environment. 

To support routine and continuity of care we ask that you commit to attend weekly classes and let us know in advance if you can not attend (see registration).

Children learn to feel safe in their environment when they know what to expect and who they are going to be with. They begin to look for each other when they arrive and begin to feel a sense of trust as they learn to navigate and development relationships with one another through this regular time together.