Raquel Tara
What to do when your baby wants to breastfeed to sleep

Raquel Tara’s Baby Sleep & Parent Mentor Fees

Raquel Tara’s Baby Sleep & Parent Mentor Fees

“Raquel has also provided invaluable support to our family during some serious sleep crises! Her advice has always been practical and considerate of our personal circumstances. She has also given us great emotional support during trying times, which has been just as important as her great sleep advice.”


Online / Phone:


  • Standard consult: $169 – one-hour face-to face via Skype or phone, appointments available Mondays only.


  • “Help me now” consult: $249 from Tuesday to Sunday.


In Home:


Standard consult: from $299 – one hour consult in your home, appointments available Tuesday – Friday only.


SMS Support:


7 days SMS or Whatsapp support: $129. Unlimited text message assistance for 7 days.


NB: For packages combining the above services with generous discounts please refer to my One Week & One Month 1:1 Baby Sleep Support Programs. Or send Raquel Tara a message here.