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Baby Sleep Advice – Who Can You Trust?

If you are a parent struggling with baby sleep issues, you’ll be well aware of just how many voices are out there competing for your attention. Everyone has their opinion, their “unique approach” or “magic formula” for finally getting baby to drift off to sleep.   So When It Comes […]

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4 Radical Baby Sleep Hacks for Tired Parents and Carers

Every tired parent is looking for baby sleep hacks. Shortcuts to a full night’s sleep. A magical solution that will “fix” your baby sleep problems. While these baby sleep hacks may not be quick fixes (tip: there are none!), these surprising tips may help you find your path to establishing […]

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The 4-Month Sleep Regression

Online Baby Sleep Support Client Case Study – 4-Month Sleep Regression   Desperate Mama Thao came to me for help with the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. Below is a summary of our session together.   I’m at breaking point. Have been battling the 4-month sleep regression and it just seems […]

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Baby Talk Australia – Infant Sleep and Wellbeing Support Inspired by RIE

If there’s one thing new parents need, it’s infant sleep and wellbeing support. A new baby in the household is one of the purest joys life has to offer. But it’s also fraught with anxiety and confusion. Conflicting messages send you into spasms of stress. You don’t know who to […]

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My Baby Cries When I Put Him Down To Sleep

My baby cries when I put him down to sleep. He will fall asleep when being held but won’t sleep in his bassinet.   What to do if your baby cries when you put him down to sleep. Firstly, know that you are not alone. If your baby cries when […]

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Baby Sleeps At Night But Won’t Nap During The Day

Help! My 8-week-old baby sleeps at night but won’t nap during the day. He will sleep in my arms in the daytime but wakes when I put him down. At night he’ll sleep in the bassinet but won’t leave my arms while the sun is up.   Consistency is key […]

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Baby Sleep Essentials: 4 Must Haves For Baby Sleep

If you’re experiencing difficulty getting your baby to sleep, think about the routine you’ve established at sleep time. Are you consistent – is it the same routine each time? Once your baby can predict the sleep time sequence, she will be comfortable with the process and will quickly learn to […]

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Why You Should Lose The Dummy For Better Baby Sleep

  What’s your advice on getting rid of the dummy for a 7-month old? My daughter loves her dummy and won’t sleep without it.   A dummy or pacifier is commonly given to babies as a way of settling them. The sucking action is known to soothe babies and for […]