Raquel Tara








Infant sleep is a parenting puzzle. I have been supporting families and giving them advice on sleep & wellbeing in my capacity as a maternity nanny for over 20 years. I have met a lot of babies and helped a lot of exhausted parents. I know how desperate and deflated this puzzle can make you feel.


So let’s start from the very beginning. Let’s re-set your approach to the way we want to see it to continue. Because I don’t just want to help you get your child to sleep – I want you to clearly understand every layer so you feel confident to put it all together yourself. Every piece of the puzzle matters.


I want to empower you with the knowledge as to why so you gain the confidence that’s required to make these changes life altering, and long lasting.


I want to support you in transforming your confusion and anxiety into confidence and curiosity. Because understanding every important layer of infant sleep including developmental milestones, emotional regulation, and how your own personal triggers as a human being affect your parenting will be truly transformational.


Honestly, it’s not going to feel so daunting after I’ve helped you put the puzzle together. Are you ready to truly connect with your needs, and that of your baby? Are you ready to click the pieces together? Are you ready to claim the confidence you need to parent like a pro? Because I would love nothing more than the honour of showing you how to get there. 


I have created a free online community support group dedicated to Baby Sleep & Parental Well Being. Each week I host a live Q & A session on baby sleep & wellbeing for parents and parents to be. You post your burning questions and they will be answered each week by me – live- for free. Register your interest HERE.


I look forward to helping your family the sleep you all deserve.