I created my 1:1 programs after 20 years of working closely with new parents & their babies.


I am Raquel Tara, your baby sleep coach

The most experienced Baby Sleep Consultant in Australia

I’ve helped doctors, teachers, celebrities and coaches both-in Australia and abroad. With my online programs, I can be your baby sleep consultant in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Byron Bay & anywhere in between.

My 20+ years of experience as a baby sleep coach started in London as a mothercraft night nanny. I fully developed my skills as a baby sleep specialist  in Sydney & Melbourne where I provided baby sleep coach home visits exclusively. I launched my services into the online space when I was became based in Bali around 2016.

Today I’m not only a baby sleep consultant, I’m also a passionate parent and infant advocate. I support parents across Australia with my intensive 1:1 support baby sleep support programs. I love the feeling of helping parents not only get the sleep they deserve – but also understand how they got there. And how to maintain healthy sleep hygiene in their lives for themselves & their child permanently.

As a professional I supporting parents in their transition into parenthood which deepening my knowledge of infant mental health. The personal growth that parents are able to achieve through early parenting is a major interest area. My experience has taught me that the inherent wisdom we all have to evolve as humans is what drives a loving adult into wanting to become a caregiver. With the first 3 years of an infants life imprinting crucial feedback that influences the trajectory of their lives; it’s incredibly beneficial to understand how to model ‘certain leadership’ for infants as early as possible.


What I have come to realise is most overlooked aspect of solving infant sleep issues – or any parenting issue – is compassionately examining the tapestry of the child’s ‘caregivers’ childhood psychology. There are no other baby sleep consultants in Australia with my extensive background in early parenting psycology. I work with pregnant couples and new parents in identifying, understanding, and supporting them in this therapeutic process. This process of  conscious expansion presents itself organically as a part of the mentor process within my infant sleep programs.

Supporting a baby’s sleep habits are usually the first loving boundary most parents have to put in place for their children. Inherited belief systems from our own childhood play such an integral role in every aspect of caregiving, and it’s important that w’re mindful how they are affecting our feelings and reactions .

In addition to co-regulation education, mentoring parents in identifying these aspects is an integral part of the support I offer in my programs. And you can see from the baby sleep success stories how much of a role this mentoring aspect plays in the satisfaction parents get from working with me.


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